(Cloned) (Cloned) (Cloned) (Cloned) (Cloned) Guns of Icarus Online; By Kirsten Cook

As a gamer, when it comes to new games, I have never really had a high expectation of anything as its easy to be let down.  And in a more specific genre, I've never enjoyed Indie games so much, or been a big fan of 'SteamPunk'. Until now.
I was reccomended a game to try by a friend, Guns of Icarus Online, created by Musegames 2011. 
I personally have never played its predecessor, Guns of Icarus, but have been informed that it is a sort of Turret Defence style game where you ran around, building, repairing and upgrading turrets on your Airship, Icarus, but only had limited online matchmaking of up to 4 player co-op. GoIO Version 1.0 officially went online on  October 29th, 2012 and became available on Steam on 20th November, and then online 23rd November.
From an outside look, the game looked, dull and boring, but after playing my first match, I couldnt bring myself to leave the lobby.  The game is quite fast paced on your Airship, though the travel, depending on the Airship you choose, can be quite slow, but when you come into contact with other 
boats, it's all hands on deck, or rather, Turrets. If you dont have a good team, its not necessarily a bad thing, unless you're against a really good crew,  but from what I have found out, sometimes, an AI crewman can be better than a human player.
There are 3 classes, Pilot, Engineer and Gunner. Each class has its own skills, but each class can choose 1 skill from each of the other classes.  Class skills themselves intergrate with the game quite well depending on your play style, Tactionist should try Piloting, with boat skills, make it faster
or create an ink cloud to escape. Team Players should try Engineer, repear those turrets faster or buff the ship for it to go faster or be more powerful for a  short duration. For those who like to just shoot people, then its definitely gunner for you, wih speacial ammo types for the weapons, quicker reloads, more damage or  just set them on fire quicker. With all that also comes around 5 Ships, each with their own stats, and Turret placements. I have my favorite, and I'm sure you will too.

The graphics arent perfect, but then again, for a fun, online indie multiplayer game, who wants perfect graphics? I think they're just right for the game and its style, Turrets are detailed, and the Ship is too, but the world, although beautiful, you will be far from the ground anyway, so not so much seems to have gone into it. 

In short, Guns of Icarus Online is worth a try, its brings a fun, hectic but intelligent game, with different guns to try, and ships, no match will be the same, giving you the chance to try what you want, how you want.